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UpRight Construction & Restoration Services is offering a new service in 2020 – Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning.

If you are disappointed with the results of trying to clean your blinds on your own, let our ultrasonic cleaning system give you the professional results you are desiring for all of your blind cleaning needs. It’s quick, minimizes the risk of damaging your blinds, and thoroughly cleans your blinds.

Blinds look better and it . . .

Types of Blinds we Clean

We currently serve all of Fremont County with our Restoration Services. In the future, we hope to be able to offer on-site cleaning, but for now, our ultrasonic cleaner is set up in our shop. The best scenario for you and us would be for you to bring the blinds to our shop; but if that is not possible, we could also arrange to detach the blinds, bring them to our shop to clean, and deliver and reset your blinds for you.

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